The Benefits Of Email Marketing

Posted July 24, 2013  |  By Kenneth King, Creative Director  |  Filed under: Tips & Tricks

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Email marketing does not only have to be about pushing readers to a call to action (although it is very effective at that). Email marketing is also useful in keeping your brand in your customer's mind so that when they do need your services, they will think of you and not your competitors.

Six Essential Benefits Of Email Marketing

#1: Target your customers

As a business owner, you have probably heard of target marketing. In a nutshell, not all segments of your customer base want the same thing. Having the ability to segment your customers based on any demographic, interest, or behavioral data is a huge benefit which allows you to better connect with your customers and provide content specifically tailored to them.

#2: Learn what your customers want

A second benefit of email marketing is that it can help you understand what types of content, products, or services customers want. Since knowledge is power, the more you know about your customers, the better service you’ll be able to provide them.

#3: Stay relevant

Rather than constantly worrying about growing your email subscribers, focus your efforts on the customers that have already opted in to your email list. They have given you permission to market to them. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to follow through and provide them what they asked for.

Also, by staying engaged with your customers, it will ensure that you won’t be forgotten. When your clients are ready for your services they will think of you first.

On a side note: Don't let your subscriber lists go inactive! This will only lead to unengaged subscribers who will eventually drop from your list and seek out services elsewhere.

#4: Drive sales

Whether you sell products or services online or in a physical store, email is great at driving sales. According to ExactTarget, 50% of online users bought something as a result of an email, which is higher than any other marketing channel. If the email is crafted correctly, these timely marketing emails will drive customers to your website or store and eventually lead to sales.

#5: Build loyalty

Converting leads into customers is an important step in the customer life cycle, but it is not the end. Turning a first time buyer into a lifetime customer is a crucial step all businesses must achieve. Building loyalty requires time and a willingness to invest. One of the most effective ways marketers can build loyalty is through a well-thought-out email marketing campaign.

#6: Metrics!!!

One of the benefits of email marketing that often gets overlooked is that so much can be measured. As a business owner, justifying your investment in a marketing channel is indispensable and knowing the outcomes of your marketing is the first step in this process. Email marketing allows you to see those outcomes and compare it against your investment.

Email marketing metrics go beyond analytics such as open rates and click-throughs (which are still very important). Processes can be put in place to help you track how well an email worked.

For example, if a local restaurant sends a $5 off coupon in an email marketing campaign, the business can calculate the revenue generated by coupons at the restaurant and compare it to the amount spent on the campaign. They can see real-time metrics to help guide marketing decisions to make campaigns as profitable as possible.


If done right, email marketing can be a powerful tool, not only for your business but also for your subscribers.

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