ExpressionEngine is a scalable, flexible content management system (CMS) and one of our favorite tools. It is third-party software created by Ellis Lab that has garnered fanatical support in the designer and developer communities because of its ease of implementation, robust feature set, and flexible framework. We're proud to be members of the ExpressionEngine Pro Network.

Trends in CMS

Posted August 20, 2011  |  By Lydia Chiu, Partner  |  Filed under: ExpressionEngine

BuiltWith Technology recently published an overview of CMS Usage Statistics that shows the CMS distribution in the top million, top 100,000, and top 10,000 sites. (They define the top million sites as the web's most visited sites in descending order).

The trend was very interesting when you look for Expression Engine, which typically is our CMS of choice. In the top million sites, Expression Engine ranks tenth. In the top 100,000 sites, EE is fifth, and in the top 10,000, EE is fourth. We often get asked by our larger clients and prospects about the size of the Expression Engine user base because what they mostly hear about is WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. What these stats show is that even though EE may not have spread as prolifically as the open source alternatives, it has a strong presence in well-trafficked sites.

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Jub Jub featured in Expression Engine Pro Network

Posted January 24, 2011  |  By Hilary Smith, Customer Support Manager  |  Filed under: ExpressionEngine

Jub Jub has long been a member of the Expression Engine Pro Network, but recently got a shout out

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Content Management Made Easier

Posted November 08, 2010  |  By Lydia Chiu, Partner  |  Filed under: ExpressionEngine, Online Marketing

The idea behind content management is simple but powerful: Easily manage the content of your website and allow expansion to meet your needs. People needed a really easy way to manage and categorize their content a Content Management System accomplishes this.

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Expression Engine 2.1 has been released, and is out of public beta

Posted July 12, 2010  |  By Lydia Chiu, Partner  |  Filed under: Announcements, ExpressionEngine

The long awaited moment is here. The new version of ExpressionEngine has been released. Expression Engine 2.1 has been released, and is now officially out of public beta. EllisLab has announced that ExpressionEngine 1.x will no longer be available for purchase, although it will continue to be supported. We will continue to support the many sites we've developed on EE 1.x, but going forward in new implementations, will be shifting to developing in EE2 in most cases.

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Expression Engine and Campaign Monitor

Posted March 05, 2010  |  By Robert Wallis, Senior Developer  |  Filed under: ExpressionEngine, Web Programming

We've just updated our Campaign Monitor module for Expression Engine. Originally it was just to get the contact details for your clients already stored in campaign monitor, but now, an obvious extension, you can add addresses. This is perfect for adding a cool AJAX signup form on your site.

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ExpressionEngine 2.0 Beta 1

Posted July 12, 2009  |  By Robert Wallis, Senior Developer  |  Filed under: ExpressionEngine

We can finally say, that we are part of the "ExpressionEngine 2.0 Beta 1".  But unfortunately we can not say more than that.  I'm not sure if we can say that we can't say more than we are a part of ExpressionEngine 2.0 Beta 1.  I should stop before I mention how cool it is or how much easier it will be for you to run your site using it.  Oops.

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