Content Management Made Easier

Posted November 08, 2010  |  By Lydia Chiu, Partner  |  Filed under: ExpressionEngine, Online Marketing

Why You Should Be Using a Content Management System

It’s Easy to use

Content Management Systems (CMS) are designed to be easy to use. It is similar to using programs you may already use like Microsoft word, using your email, or using Facebook. All of the technical code is handled by the CMS which allows anyone to manage and update the site.

Let’s You Quickly Make Changes

Changes can be made any time they are needed without waiting for someone to fix small typos or switch out an image. The greatest part is that you can make changes from anywhere you have internet access, there is nothing to install!

Accommodate Multiple Users

You can allow multiple staff members to keep the sites’ content up to date, instead of being restricted to one person. The CMS will keep track of who is making changes and can ensure that each member can only update certain sections of the website.

Search Engine Friendly

By making it easy to update your website, this allows you to frequently update your content which helps to increase your Search Engine Ranking. The CMS takes care of the technical side and handles the details that search engines look for when determining a page rank.

The Cost

Jub Jub empowers our clients by offering two tools that let you get more out of your website. The two tools we use are supported with frequent updates, is backed by a strong community, and has a solid security track record. We offer Expression Engine which has all the bells and whistles that can grow to meet most complex requirements for a website. The other tool that we offer is a lightweight CMS called Mojo Motor. It has a lower price point and is robust enough to handle most modest-sized websites.