In July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will mark sites as ‘not secure’ if not using HTTPS

Posted January 05, 2018  |  By Lydia Chiu, Partner  |  Filed under: SEO

For years, SSL has been a ranking-factor for the Google search algorithm. They have been advocating for a more secure web by strongly suggesting that sites adopt HTTPS encryption. In July, they will take it one step further by showing sites as "non-secure" if they are not being served on SSL.

How it will look

Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all non-HTTPS sites as “not secure”.

Reference: Google Security Blog

What is an SSL Certificate and how does it work?

An SSL certificate (also called a 'digital certificate') is a security certificate installed on a web server that creates a secure connection between the end-user browser and the web server the site resides on. When using SSL, the protocol will change from HTTP to HTTPS and most browsers indicate this with a green lock on the URL bar.

Why is this important for me?

  1. Build trust in your brand. When users see the green lock in their browser on your site, it builds site credibility. On the other hand, if they receive a warning about the site being insecure, it will definitely have an adverse affect on your brand perception.
  2. Follow best practices. Google Chrome is the most popular browser and Google is the most popular search engine. To give your site it's best change at being found, it's best to follow Google's recommendations, especially when they are as straight-forward as this.
  3. Encrypt sensitive information. Do you have a contact form or login on your site? The information you send on your site travels through the internet before it reaches the web server. With SSL, the information is encrypted and unreadable to everyone except for the web server you are sending the information to.

We can help

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