Still think your dog’s name is a good password?

Posted April 12, 2012  |  By Hilary Smith, Customer Support Manager  |  Filed under: Tips & Tricks

Only if your dog's name is &$kt!YG)

Nobody likes having to come up with new passwords for allllll the various sites we belong to these days.


A password for the bank.

A password for the gym.

A password for Spotify.

A password for Facebook....

A password for Email...

The list goes on and on.

But it's a fact of life these days. With all our files increasingly being digitized and up "in the cloud", it's even more imperative to practice good "security". It's no accident that the word we use to describe a massive piece of code taking over a computer is derived from the biological word "virus". Much like "Practicing Safe Sex" is a matter of public health, "Practicing Safe Security" could help save other computers from getting hacked, or from computer viruses spreading. It just takes one lax password, for someone to break in to a server, and start using it to spread viruses.

So do a public service today.

Start using a secure password generator available on the Web, such as Safe Password generator.

image Download a Password Database, such as Password Safe for Windows,
Wallet by Acrylic Software for Mac & iPhone,



and make sure your passwords are:

a) Distinct from each other
b) Secure

The Economist has a nice article on what makes a good secure password, that might be relatively easy to remember. But if you have a Password Database, you don't necessarily have to remember it!