Google Search Insights

Posted August 24, 2009  |  By Robert Wallis, Senior Developer  |  Filed under: SEO, Tips & Tricks

Google just launched a new tool called "Google Insights for Search".  At first I thought, "What's the big deal?"  It seems that Google Insights is just a new way to do 'google fights', or comparisons, of the popularity of one item over another.  However, these insights aren't based on how many web pages exist with those keywords, but rather, how many people searched for those keywords.  This is much more interesting from a business perspective.  Google Insights for Search is like taking a peak into the demand of something, instead of the supply.

For instance, if you wanted to sell "sprockets" outside the U.S., according to Google Insights, you'd better pack up that idea, because nobody is searching for sprockets outside the U.S.  However I quickly found that a lot of people in Chicago are looking for sprockets.

This tool can be especially helpful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) too.  Instead of dragging out the thesaurus to figure out all the ways to spell out your message, check out Google Insights, and choose words that are used in your target market area.