Email Support Policy

What Jub Jub Supports

The following areas are covered under the Jub Jub email support policy.

  • Connectivity to the email service — talking/instructing the end-user through configuring and connecting to the Jub Jub email server(s) and receiving/sending email
  • Configuration of Microsoft Outlook® software — talking/instructing the end-user through configuring Microsoft Outlook® for Windows PCs or Macs
  • Creation of additional mailboxes, distribution lists, and user aliases
  • Issues related to public folders
  • Issues related to security settings within the email server environment (server-side)

What Jub Jub Does Not Support (Specifically)

The following areas are handled on a "best efforts" basis as a courtesy to our clients.

  • Configuration of client firewall software and/or hardware that could affect connectivity to Jub Jub email servers
  • Installation of Microsoft Outlook® software
  • Configuration of client antivirus software (Avast, Eset, Norton Antivirus, etc.) that could affect connectivity to Jub Jub's servers
  • Issues related to client’s connection to the Internet (i.e. T1, Cable Modem, DSL Modem, Dial-Up accounts, etc.)
  • Issues related to other email accounts or personal folders not hosted with Jub Jub configured within client's Microsoft Outlook® software
  • Issues related to general use of the Microsoft Outlook® software (i.e. training, etc.)